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Exclusive BOMB SQUAD Signature Patches Featured in Reason 5! — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Exclusive BOMB SQUAD Signature Patches Featured in Reason 5!

Hey producers, beatmakers and sound designers – the new Reason 5/Record 1.5 is finally out featuring exclusive BOMB SQUAD signature patches by Shocklee.  A collection of snares, drum loops, hi hats, claps, noises & fx and more. Built lean and mean, use them how you please – layer em, tweak em, rip em to shreds and put em back together with the awesome Kong Drum Designer.  Kong is a beast! and rest of the goodies inside the upgraded Reason 5 and Record 1.5 don’t disappoint either.

Reason Record Duo feature highlights:

• Introducing Kong Drum Designer (Reason)
Load, sculpt, build and tweak your sounds with your choice of drum synthesis, sampling, REX loops, physical modeling and custom-made effect modules for percussion on Kong’s 16 pads.

• Dr. REX octuples into Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player (Reason)
No matter how you use it—as a pattern sequencer for loops, or to completely mangle your REX’ed audio – it is guaranteed to inspire

• New Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synth Device (Record)
Super flexible high-quality processor to correct and shift pitches, create backing harmonies, formant shift or take your vocals into outer space

• Block based pattern sequencing mode makes song creation fast and flexible (Both)
Go from pattern-based arrangements to linear—to patterns again. Take your music beyond the eight bar loop

• Vastly expanded Factory Sound Bank with Signature patches (Reason)
Reason’s sound bank more than doubles in size, thanks in large part to signature contributors BOMB SQUAD and also: Printz Board, Jason McGerr, Sharooz, Adam Beyer, Keith LeBlanc, Cari Lekebusch & others

• Live sampling is back! In the rack! (Reason)
Re-explore the lost art (and fun) of sampling. Every sample player becomes a sampler; record with a single click — further tweak with the built-in editor

• A number of other additions that guarantee to make your music making more fun
Multi-core optimization, on-screen keyboard and scaling audio and MIDI clips, interface enhancements and many more too numerous to name

Check out the artist interview with Shock himself & for more info head over to Propellerhead


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