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2011 January — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

NPR’s Science Friday Examines Digital Sampling & Remix Culture with Hank Shocklee

Straight from the archives of NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow, check out Hank Shocklee Discuss Sampling & Remix Culture along with Kembrew McLeod, Associate Professor, University of Iowa & Producer of the Film Copyright Criminals; Flora Lichtman, Multimedia Editor, NPR’s Science Friday; Dean Garfield, President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council

Science Friday is a weekly science talk show, broadcast live over public radio stations nationwide in the U.S. from 2-4pm Eastern time as part of NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation’ programming.

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Egypt Uprising: See These Amazing Photos

Do yourself a favor and look at these in full screen mode. Amazing images of the Egyptian protests captured by Matthew Cassel

Immediately after the Friday prayers ended, tens of thousands of Egyptians in Cairo’s Imbaba neighborhood took to the streets calling for the overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak who has ruled the country for 30 years. Police fired tear gas and fired rubber bullets while protestors responded throwing stones and other projectiles.

update: 2/10/11: since the original posting the photo collection has grown as the protest has grown – it now contains many more images taken since January 25, 2011 and covers more areas of Cairo besides Imbada including Tahrir Square.

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This Week’s #freesamplefriday Roundup

Those of you that follow us on twitter know that every friday we post up free audio samples, loops, plugins, softwares etc. from the audio community for the audio community we call it #freesamplefriday – here are this week’s links:

VST Sinsonic Drums from Necromare

Drumatic 3: Virtual-Analogue Drum Synthesizer from E-Phonic

Redium: Phase Modulation Synth Instrument for Windows

Concrete FX Pack – 6 Effect VST’s for PC

Glitch – pattern-based effects sequencer VST plug-in effect for windows


Check out mlrv – Hypersampling Instrument For Grid-Based Controllers

mlrv is a free, open source, user supported hypersampling instrument for grid-based music controllers like the Monome, Livid Ohm/Block, Novation Launchpad, and Akai APC/MPD

The software allows a sound file or live recording to be mapped across each row (or grid cell) and assigned a triggering behavior. Within this simple set of constraints and a complete MIDI + OSC remote control system, the performer can be freed from the laptop.

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Hear Hank Shocklee Discuss Sampling & Remix Culture On Science Friday

This Friday tune in to one of our favorite shows on NPR, Science Friday and check out Hank Shocklee Discuss Sampling & Remix Culture along with Kembrew McLeod, Associate Professor, University of Iowa & Producer of the Film Copyright Criminals; Flora Lichtman, Multimedia Editor, NPR’s Science Friday; Dean Garfield, President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council

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[NYC] Feb. 12-13: Music Hack Day

Music Hack Day finally makes its debut in the big apple! A marathon weekend session where developers, designers and music geeks get together for a 24-48 hour session of hacking with lots of redbull, coffee and pizza. The objective? To collaborate, conceptualize and complete a music related app within the alloted time frame. The end result, music apps of the future!

Check the vid for more on Music Hack Day – registration is limited so sign up now


New P2P Live Streaming Protocol From BitTorrent Inventor Coming

Bram Cohen designed BitTorrent in 1991, the most common protocol for transferring large files across the web and thus turned the world upside down by popularizing the method by which file-sharers worldwide started to share data, information and in a lot of cases copyrighted content, ie: your favorite songs, apps & movies.

Recently Bram has announced that he’s working on a new P2P Protocol for streaming live video…which has a lot of people curious, excited and probably nervous. Check the video for the demo and for more, Torrent Freak.


Paulo Coelho and Sean Parker Discuss ‘Disruption’ at the DLD Conference

Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, Plaxo, and Facebook discuss ‘Disruption’ at the DLD Conference in Munich, Germany.

They both share their interesting perspectives on the technological shift we’re going through and how they deal with it personally. On social media Sean Parker remarks “…it represents the potential for a huge shift in power” while Paulo Coelho points out, “The message and the way that you pass this message is changing”.

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Soundcloud CEO Alex Ljung Talks About The Future

Berlin based Soundcloud is growing increasingly popular amongst music makers, DJ’s & music fans. The online audio service which features free and premium accounts allows you to upload, send and receive music files and distribute your music across the web and devices via the web and through over 100 supported apps.

In this video shot at MIDEM Alex talks about the growing platform and what’s on the horizon for them as well as the developer, hacker and music start-up community.

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The Sound of TRON: LEGACY

An interesting behind the scenes look at the making of the sound behind TRON: LEGACY

Sound Re-Recording Mixer Gary Rizzo, Supervising Sound Editor Gwen Yates Whittle and Sound Designer Steve Boeddeker discuss how they developed a sound to match the futuristic environment of TRON and how they came about certain techniques, overcame technical challenges and worked with Daft Punk to create a fantasy world with big dimension.

Shot on location at Skywalker Sound this is a must see if you’re into sound designing and film…and if you haven’t seen the movie in IMAX yet, do yourself a favor and go check it out!

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