NPR’s Science Friday Examines Digital Sampling & Remix Culture with Hank Shocklee

Straight from the archives of NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow, check out Hank Shocklee Discuss Sampling & Remix Culture along with Kembrew McLeod, Associate Professor, University of Iowa & Producer of the Film Copyright Criminals; Flora Lichtman, Multimedia Editor, NPR’s Science Friday; Dean Garfield, President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council

Science Friday is a weekly science talk show, broadcast live over public radio stations nationwide in the U.S. from 2-4pm Eastern time as part of NPR’s ‘Talk of the Nation’ programming.

from Science Friday:

Digital Sampling and Remix Culture: Creativity or Criminality?
Musicians have always borrowed from others — tunings, vocal styles, distinctive phrasings. But the advent of the sampler in the 80s brought borrowing into the digital age. Today, “sampling,” or lifting a snippet of someone else’s work — anything from a horn hit to a drum beat — is mainstream. But how to credit and pay those earlier artists for their contribution is where things get thorny. How much of someone else’s work should artists be able to use? How much should they pay for it? Is copyright law stuck in the age of analog?

They even made a video with Aaron LaCrate to walk those non-musical peeps through Sampling 101…

…and if you want to check out Ethan Hein’s visualization of the sampling of Chic’s Good Times go here

image: Ethan Hein



  1. Ethan Hein says:

    Thanks for including my Chic sample map! Very glad to be in the company of Hank Shocklee, one of my musical heros.

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