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Khalas Mixtape Vol. 1 – North African Hip Hop Artists Unite — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Khalas Mixtape Vol. 1 – North African Hip Hop Artists Unite

“Khalas” means “enough”, “stop” or “end” in Arabic. It’s also the title of this new mixtape featuring a group of hip hop artists from Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria and Libya who are fed up and have gotten together to spread their message that oppression must end, regardless of nationality and borders.

Even if you can’t fully understand French or Arabic you can definitely get the message behind the music so we currently got this one on blast. True hip hop is still alive!

Stream/Download over at Enough/Khalas!

“Khalas Mixtape Vol. 1 is a compilation of songs created by North African hip hop artists from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria who have emerged as voices of recent uprisings and calls for protest. Mish B3eed, or ‘Not far,’ refers to the sense of solidarity that these youth feel across borders, the similarities of their causes and the oppressors they face, their physical proximity and the sense that our ultimate goal is within sight. Each song describes the unique circumstances of each artist’s country, carrying with it the subtleties of local dialects, but also highlights the extraordinary similarities of their struggles.”

Featured artists: El Génèral [Tunisia], Mr. Shooma [Tunisia], Mohamed Ali Ben Jemaa [Tunisia], Ramy Donjewan [Egypt], Ahmed Rock [Egypt], Revolution Recordz [Egypt], Lotfi Double Kanon [Algeria], Ibn Thabit [Libya]