Robot Clouds Will Shield People From The Sun At 2022 World Cup In Qatar

Engineers at The University of Qatar are developing robotic clouds to shield fans from the heat during the upcoming World Cup which is taking place in Qatar in 2022.

These giant, artificial clouds look like flat flying saucers out of a sci-fi movie but they’re actually solar powered 4-engine drone aircraft operated by remote control. They will hover over the stadium to protect fans from the hot sun.

Despite concerns that their weather can reach 120 degrees in the summer, Qatar beat out bids by the U.S., Australia, Japan and South Korea to host the World Cup. With a promise to build 12 high tech carbon neutral stadiums to accommodate the crowds and backing innovative, futuristic, design ideas like these it’s no mystery why they won the bid. The first of the 12 state of the art stadiums being built are to be completed by 2019.

The future is here, take a look at the video.


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