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Tragic Destruction: Photos of Earthquake in Japan + How You Can Help — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Tragic Destruction: Photos of Earthquake in Japan + How You Can Help

Devastating images are quickly surfacing of the situation in Japan following the 8.9 earthquake that struck the north east coast March 11, 2011. The epicenter has been estimated to have been 230 miles north east of Tokyo.

Tsunami waves as high as 10 meters [33 Ft.] hit Japan causing a second wave of destruction to the coastlines quickly following the earthquake. Alerts have been issued for Russia, the pacific rim, Hawaii and west coast of North America.

The images look like scenes out of a hollywood film but sadly, this is all very real and a reminder that we’re all vulnerable to natural disasters on this planet no matter your location or status. Let’s send these people positive thoughts and help out however we can.


Google has launched a Person Finder for those trying to locate someone in Japan, it’s in both english & japanese.

BBC has a great live blog with updates and live video coverage.

CNET has an extensive list of resources that are especially helpful to those in the affected area.

The New York Times has Maps of the Quake and Tsunami

How You Can Help:

Global Giving and Save The Children have set up a relief funds.

The International Medical Corps is a non profit organization accepting donations for mobilizing relief efforts.

Photo/video coverage:

The New York Times has an unbelievable slideshow of the devastation

The Atlantic also has a collection of photos with more being added.

Update: March 13, 2011

A Nuclear Meltdown has been taking place at the Fukushima power plant and hundreds of thousands are being evacuated near the surrounding region. And now a state of emergency has been declared at a second power plant in Onagawa.

Residents are being checked for radiation contamination and it is being reported that the government is suppressing information about how serious this crisis really is.

Experts are comparing this to the horrible 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster in the Ukrainian SSR.

WATCH THIS terrifying first person video shot as the Tsunami hit land

The Boston Globe has published photos of the aftermath

photos: NY Times / The Atlantic / Boston Globe


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