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Tune Into The Streets of NY – LA – SF – CHI – MTL — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Tune Into The Streets of NY – LA – SF – CHI – MTL

Ever wonder what kind of activity is happening on the streets of big cosmopolitan cities in North America? Or need some sort of urban inspiration? Well if you’re curious, you can tune into live police scanners in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Montreal thru a cool experimental website that plays you these live transmissions set to a CC-licensed ambient music bed.

Pick a city and you’ll instantly be hearing things like descriptions of suspects, perps, calls for backup or addresses of emergencies going on. It’s like your own aural spy movie in the making.

Eric Eberhardt, the creator, explains the project

The night the Giants won the World Series there were a lot of people on Twitter referencing the live police scanner webcast from soma.fm and I gave it a listen. Interesting stuff to be sure, but I got bored listening to just the voices and started playing some instrumental music in the background. I liked the results but it was complicated to explain to people how to replicate the mix (i.e. opening multiple copies of iTunes or VLC) so I made this site to simplify the process. If you have any CC-licensed music on SoundCloud that you think would work here I’d love to include it, so please let me know!

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photo: Greg Headley


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