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Freedom on the Net 2011: The Global Report You Need To Read — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Freedom on the Net 2011: The Global Report You Need To Read

There is a new report from Freedom House that you need to read if you care about future of the web, internet freedom and censorship.

It’s no mystery that the internet is increasingly being used for spreading valuable information that we once didn’t have easy access to and also making it easier for communities to organize and spread ideas. Well as you have seen in recent developments with net neutrality and the shutting down of the web in North Africa and the ongoing censorship in places like China, our access to the web is under attack and the information we have access to is increasingly being filtered aka censored.

Our right to privacy is also increasingly being violated by websites and organizations collecting data on our surfing habits going as far as sneakily installing cookies on our computers that track our keystrokes and habits. You ever see the same web ads following you around no matter what site you go to? Well, you’re being targeted and a profile is being built on you without you even knowing it. But that’s a whole other topic.

So check this out-

According to a new Freedom House report, as internet usage has grown exponentially in the past five years, cyberattacks, politically motivated censorship, and government control over internet infrastructure are among the diverse and growing threats faced by internet users.

Over the past decade, and particularly in the last few years, the influence of the internet as a means to spread information and challenge government-imposed media controls has steadily expanded. This mounting influence directly corresponds to the growth in the number of users around the world: over two billion people now have access to the internet, and the figure has more than doubled in the past five years. However, as more people use the internet to communicate, obtain information, socialize, and conduct commerce, governments have stepped up efforts to regulate, and in some instances tightly control, the new medium. Reports of website blocking and filtering, content manipulation, attacks on and imprisonment of bloggers, and cyberattacks have all increased sharply in recent years. To illuminate the nature of the emerging threats and identify areas of growing opportunity, Freedom House has conducted a comprehensive study of internet freedom in 37 countries around the globe.

Read the report. Freedom On The Net 2011

BTW if you’re still confused as to what the hell a cookie is, check out the video.

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