Wear Your Audio Around Your Neck – The Waveform Necklace

Check out these cool waveform necklaces from jewelry and product designer David Bizer. You can get one of these, one of a kind necklaces generated out of any audio file. So you can turn a special message or one of your favorite bits of audio into a physical 3D representation to wear around your neck or wrist.

You can order one of these in your choice of silver, wood, acrylic and a variety of colors. It’s a unique way to wear your own audio or maybe even show someone you love that yes, you are thinking of them even when you’re spending countless hours in the dark obsessing over your very own special waveforms.

Waveform Necklace starts at 25€ with various customization options available.



  1. Sara says:

    Love these! I’d love to order one but the website doesn’t seem to be working. Any other way to get on touch with Mr. Bizer?

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