Apolinar: South American Flavor From Matanza

Teleport to the Andes Mountains with this tribal, house, dub and South American flavored EP from the Chilean group Matanza from Amsterdam based Antartek Records. The 6 song set is filled with a blend of pan flutes, bombo and gaita rhythms inspired by the ancients mixed with house and bass sounds.

Matanza takes you with this EP to the Andes were the Shamans prepare themselves to the big changes that are about to come. Apolinar is the story of an Indian Shaman who is initiated by a spirit of the sacred lake, he passes through many mystical experiences and learns the real meaning of plants and ancient medication.

This EP includes two awesome remixes by Daniel Klauser + Hat and Hoodie. Head over to Antartek Records to download the Apolinar EP for free.

Matanza - Apolinar EP by Antartek Records


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