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#f*ckyouwashington – A Viral Declaration of Frustration — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

#f*ckyouwashington – A Viral Declaration of Frustration

Jeff Jarvis, Professor at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism, prominent blogger, author and former journalist best known for voicing his opinion and challenging our new media world started a #f*ckyouwashington hashtag on twitter last night set off by the ongoing and failing debt ceiling negotiations going on in Washington DC.

The tag has set off a firestorm of tweets from frustrated citizens from all over giving their #f*ckyouwashington declarations. There is debate as to whether twitter has censored the tag from trending, which according to some reports on the volume of posts being published, it seems very unlikely that it would not have trended by now.

Reading people’s posts says a lot about how the financial crisis going on in the U.S. is starting to enrage people. More citizens from all kinds of backgrounds and viewpoints are voicing their opinions as more information is being revealed as to what is going on with the American government.

This is one of the biggest rallying calls we’ve seen yet, check out some of the eye-opening posts below.

photo: truthout



  1. mack says:

    He didn’t start it. There were tons of tweets using #fuckyouwashington before he started his with the asterisk in place of the “U.” Today, that has even been shortened to #FYW. Twitter may or may not be censoring it from trending but what is more incredible is that the main stream media has all but ignored it. No reports about it anywhere except on small no name indie blogs.

    • JNIN∆ says:

      Jeff has 75k followers he surely was the spark that made it go viral and you’re right – mainstream media has pretty much ignored it


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