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Melodyne Inventor Peter Neubäcker On Numbers, Notes & Music — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Melodyne Inventor Peter Neubäcker On Numbers, Notes & Music

Peter Neubäcker takes you on a journey of philosophy, math, science, frequencies and spirituality. Hold on to your skull for this one…

The man primarily behind such Celemony innovations as Melodyne, DNA Direct Note Access and Capstan is Peter Neubäcker — a passionate musician, researcher and inventor, who sets unusual goals for himself and manages even on occasion to realize in practice things that in theory can’t be achieved. It was the question “What does a stone sound like?” that led Peter Neubäcker to the invention of Melodyne around 15 years ago.

In this interview with Maximilian Schönherr, he airs some of the secrets of Melodyne and offers insights into his thoughts and personal history. He talks about his passion for philosophy, music and mathematics as well as how guitar-making, Johannes Kepler and the science of Harmonics have influenced him. From the conversation, a fascinating 30-minute film portrait has emerged that not only shows one of the most resourceful and multi-facetted personalities in the audio industry but also the background to Celemony innovations.



  1. Bil Basmala says:

    Amazing, Wonderful and Healing.

  2. Music Blog says:

    Very cool. He is a like a mad scientist of music


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