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London Riots Coverage — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

London Riots Coverage

Today marks the third day of rioting and clashes between people and the police in various neighborhoods around London. The unrest was sparked by an incident that led to the killing of a man, Mark Duggan last week by police. The details of the encounter are unclear but it is reported that it was an arrest attempt gone wrong and the officers were armed with Heckler & Koch submachine guns.

Like the recent protests in North Africa and the Middle East, these events are being primarily led by the youth. This rioting is clearly a manifestation of the anger and frustration that has built up in these communities…and it’s spreading.

Check out the following coverage including video of the police in Brixton trying to break up the crowds with attack dogs on leashes.

Live blog of London Riots from the Telegraph

Live blog of London Riots from the Guardian

Before and after pics of riots in Tottenham

Google Map of Breaking Incidents & News

Photo Slideshow of Mayhem in London from Reuters

Map of incidents in Tottenham, Brixton, Hackney and Greater London

Live blog of UK Riots from Al Jazeera

Photo coverage from The Boston Globe

News updates from The West Londoner Blog

In Pictures: London’s burning, day 3 from Al Jazeera

Panic on the Streets of London – Opinion Piece by Penny Red

photos: Nicobobinus/Beacon Radio


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