9/11: 10 Years Later…A New World

Thinking about the victims of this tragedy & casualties of war thereafter around the world…may they rest in peace.

photo: circa 1990 dolanh
infographic: one 9/11 tally – $3.3 Trillion – NY Times
infographic: 21 awful truths about 9/11 – National Post



  1. P J Woods says:

    9/11 has been the biggest cover-up of all time. We have been told lies. The Worlds media owned by the likes of Murdoch and Fairfax media have been feeding us lies. The NIST and FEMA report failed to tell us vital information. The 9/11 Commission Report didn’t not mention a word about WTC 7 that fell in true demolition style at freefall speed.

    9/11 + LIES = WAR!

    For the FACTS check out http://www.911-see-the-evidence.com

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