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Pay What You Want For Reason 6 – The Start Of A New Era In Audio Software? — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Pay What You Want For Reason 6 – The Start Of A New Era In Audio Software?

Today in a stunning move, Propellerhead has announced a ‘Pay What You Want’ model for Reason 6 which is set for release next week. Owners of Propellerhead’s Record-Reason Duo for a limited time will be able to choose what to pay for their Reason 6 upgrade.

The Pay What You Want offer for the Reason 6 upgrade is extended to all registered owners of both Record and Reason [Duo] with a Propellerhead Ignition Key. The promotion starts upon Reason 6’s release on September 30 and goes through October 31, 2011. Duo users may purchase the upgrade as a download directly from Propellerhead’s online store, paying from €1.00/$1.00 to anything they choose. Owners of Reason who do not own Record can purchase the boxed upgrade for €149/$169. After the promotion has ended, Duo users will be able to upgrade at the regular Reason 6 upgrade price.

“Every time Propellerhead make an update, this triggers an interesting and healthy pricing discussion among our customers, “ says Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. “So, this time were turning the tables and leaving the decision to the musicians themselves. We have built what we think is a really valuable update, including, among other things, three super high-quality effect devices that alone are well worth our regular upgrade price, but that’s just what we think. The decision is now yours.”

With so much competition amongst DAW’s, audio softwares and the growing community of open source, this move comes as a welcome surprise. Having worked with Propellerhead on the BOMB SQUAD Signature Patches we’ve come to know them as an organization that has a very personal hands on approach and makes very smart measured moves with their products. These guys clearly understand that building a trusted brand sometimes means giving back to the very community that has supported you from day one. And in a day and age of a bad world economy and corporate greed it’s nice to see a growing company put their money where their mouth is. I think we can all agree that in the end, this move will bring more awareness to Propellerhead and probably strengthen the relationship with their users. Judging by the comments on their YouTube page, sometimes letting your fans know that you’ve got them in mind too, can yield big in the inspiration department. Especially when you’re talking about a community of overworked creators that sometimes need a little bit of inspiration themselves in order for them to create that piece of art than in turn can inspire a world.

Pay What You Want pricing hasn’t really been established as a sustainable business model in music or otherwise but with fastly growing competition and software piracy not going away, we might start to see more companies opting to fix their pricing in creative ways that reward users/fans. This could be the start of a new era in audio software and a smart idea for companies that see the big value that their community serves.

Check out Propellerhead for more info.



  1. B says:

    Imageline already beat them to the punch, as they’ve been giving away free updates of FL Studio software to customers for years.


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