A Look At Björk’s Biophilia App Suite & The Making Of Her Custom Instrument The Gameleste

Here’s a look at Björk’s Biophilia app suite, the mobile app version of her latest album by the same name which consists of 10 interactive apps, 1 for each of her songs which can be purchased as stand alone apps for $2 each or in a bundle of 10 for $10. Each song/app has its own stylized treatment and does something different from the next and they can all be housed in a ‘mother’ app.

It’s refreshing to see album artwork come to life rather than it just being a static image, and it’s good to see Björk talking an interesting approach to her project and recognizing that an album these days can take any shape the artist wants it to. As part of her project, Björk has announced that she’s planning to tour the world over the next three years with eight six-week long residencies in non-traditional venues where she’ll present art installations and showcase her custom made instruments, which should definitely be something worth seeing.

Finally, more and more artists are taking unique approaches to their music, creating new ways of delivery, concepts and mutations that take advantage of all the cool tech at our disposal without just relying on being gimicky.

For a deeper look into her world watch the 2 minute clip that follows on the making of The Gameleste, a bespoke Gamelan-Celeste hybrid instrument customed designed for her live shows, this is also the instrument you hear in here first single ‘Crystalline’. The original steel bars of a vintage orchestral celeste were replaced with bronze tonebars hand-made by UK cymbalsmith Matt Nolan, and the instrument was rebuilt and MIDIfied by Iceland’s top organ-maker, Björgvin Tòmasson.


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