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TuneCore Launches Songwriter Publishing Administration Service — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

TuneCore Launches Songwriter Publishing Administration Service

Music distribution service TuneCore, is out to revolutionize music publishing with its newly launched publishing administration service for songwriters which will allow writers to collect directly from the many digital music services.

The TuneCore Songwriter Publishing Administration Service will enable any songwriter to sign up for global publishing administration immediately and for the first time, at the click of a button, any songwriter can have music publishing administration that:

-globally registers their copyrights
-collects money that is rightfully theirs
-protects and polices their copyrights and songs
-issues licenses on their behalf

By going direct with the digital music services, TuneCore will eliminate multiple middlemen used by all other services thereby growing songwriter earnings by up to 25%. Going direct also means that they will be able to collect monies quicker and offer greater transparency than any other service. This is very exciting and welcome news for songwriters.

TuneCore CEO Jeff Price points out, “No longer will songwriters be shut out of a system. In addition to letting artists get their money in a direct and transparent manner our team is also getting the artist their earnings faster and matching up millions of uncollected dollars with their rightful owners. Once artists look under the hood and see how much more money we can get them in a shorter period of time and with transparency we think the service will take off as quickly as our digital distribution service did.”

This new publishing division will be headed up by Jamie Purpora, who was previously at Bug Music Inc.

For more information and to sign up visit TuneCore or check out the video below with TuneCore Founder Jeff Price.


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