How Music Travelled – The Evolution Of Dance Music: 1800-2000

Watch this visual representation of how western dance music spread across continents and developed/influenced the spread of different genres. It’s a huge subject condensed into a cool graphic.


[Click image to open interactive version]

About the research put together by Thompson:

The map shows the evolution of top level dance genres only, and does not delve into all possible sub-genres. It is often difficult to pin-point the beginning of a genre to a single year, so we have placed the birth of each genre within 5-year periods. When the explosion of dance music arrived in the 80s, many genres arrived in the same 5-year period as the genres they influenced. In this situation, the ‘influencer’ genre starts to fade in on the map at the time the influencing line appears. Non-dance music genres which influenced dance music are also included, but their own influences are not shown. Often where a genre was first born was not the location it eventually gained most popularity. The sources used to create the map include Bass Culture, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life,The All Music Guide to Electronica, and Wikipedia.



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