TAKE ACTION: Your Website May Be Shut Down! Scary Facts On SOPA [Stop Online Piracy Act]

Calling all fans of the internet and people who’s business, study and/or art depend greatly on being able to use the internet freely. THE INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT IS AT RISK! Watch this and act now! Stop Censorship!

If you’re in the U.S. CALL CONGRESS – you can use the simple, automated service at http://americancensorship.org/ - Tell your Representative that you want them to vote NO on SOPA.

SOPA is slated for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee on THURSDAY – SPREAD THE WORD ONLINE NOW!

Other Ways You Can Take Action:

1] Tell the world you work for the internet by adding yourself at: http://iworkfortheinternet.org/
2] Sign the petition: http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_the_internet
3] Send a letter to Congress: http://www.engineadvocacy.org/voice/about.html

h/t: NYTM / photo: Banksy by Chris Devers


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