This Week’s #freesamplefriday Roundup

Audio creators it’s time for our favorite time of the week #freesamplefriday – you know the drill, we’re highlighting the best in free audio tools, whether it be experimental software, virtual instruments, synths, royalty-free loops, samples, you name it. If it’s nice and it’s free, it’s here! Get right to it…

Clapbox: modeled after the Simmons Electronics Clap Trap From Puremagnetik

Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst: spectrum analyzer plug-in

MiniSpillage: pro quality drum synthesizer plugin featuring a high res 64-bit DSP

Fnequalizer: 7 band paragraphic VST equalizer from Oceanturtle

50 Free Samples From Official BOMB SQUAD: Tactical Beats & Sample Artillery Pack *Full release available at Loopmasters*

Sending a big shout out to all the #freesamplefriday fans out there! Post up your links, experiments, instrument hacks, tunes and whatever else you’re working on in the studio! Follow us on twitter for more hits.

photo: W3155Y



  1. W3155Y says:

    Nice to see my work credited around the web!

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