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#FutureFrequency News Highlights From Around The Web — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

#FutureFrequency News Highlights From Around The Web

Just in case you were too busy catching up on your emails, to notice some of the current developments going on around the planet, here’s your guide as to some of the things happening.

Stay up!

50 billion devices online by 2020

Switzerland Plans To Build A ‘Janitor Satellite’ To Clean Up Space

How Much Is Enough? We’ve Passed 15 ‘Anti-Piracy’ Laws In The Last 30 Years

Why Are So Many Americans In Prison?

Earth Station: The Afterlife of Technology at the End of the World

Mobile Device Detects When You’re Depressed, Acts as Your Therapist

25 million tons of tsunami debris floating toward US shores

iPhone App Will Let You Control Your Dreams

UK Now Seizing Music Blogs [With American Domains] Over Copyright Claims

Let the Robot Drive: The Autonomous Car of the Future Is Here

Transplant jaw made by 3D printer claimed as first

XBox-Controlled Military Robot Can Lift 150 Pounds

Neuroscience could mean soldiers controlling weapons with minds

Cloning scientists create human brain cells

photo: Ernest Duffoo


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