The Colour Of Beauty: The Unspoken Issue Of Racism In The Fashion Industry

Since Fashion Week just kicked of in NYC this week, here’s a stat for you to chew on. According to a 2008 survey about models in New York Fashion Week, the split was 6% black, 6% asian, 1% latina and 87% white. Models of color have terrible odds when it comes to landing jobs in the fashion industry and more and more people as asking why they are so unfairly underrepresented.

In The Colour of Beauty, a short documentary by Elizabeth St. Philip [2010; 16 min] you’ll meet Renee Thompson, a black model trying to make in the crazy world of modeling. The film questions why so few black and otherwise ethnic models get casted and examines why the fashion industry seems to be behind the times when it comes to race raising the question what is the colour of beauty?

Hopefully with more insight like the one presented in this film, more people that work in the industry and more consumers will speak with their dollars and we’ll all soon be able to see the beauty in all colors.

photo: dallasjlogan


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