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FBI Says Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet Access In July If They Have Infected Computers — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

FBI Says Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet Access In July If They Have Infected Computers

Some alarming news that may affect lots of internet users. Over the last few months we’ve heard of some people receiving notices from their internet service providers warning them that one of their computers had been identified as possibly being infected with a ‘DNS changer virus’. The notices themselves and talk on this matter have been somewhat mysterious not to mention the privacy issues surrounding this are still in question. How were people’s computers identified and by whom?

Well we don’t have all the answers but today, some new information has been released that could potentially spoil the summer for a lot of people.

According to the FBI press release that first announced the shutting down of a ‘sophisticated internet fraud scheme’ back in November 2011, it was estimated that 4 million computers in a hundred countries worldwide were infected, at least 500,000 of them in the U.S.

To carry out the scheme, the defendants and their co-conspirators used what are known as “rogue” Domain Name System [DNS] servers, and malware that was designed to alter the DNS server settings on infected computers. Victims’ computers became infected with the Malware when they visited certain websites or downloaded certain software to view videos online. The Malware altered the DNS server settings on victims’ computers to route the infected computers to rogue DNS servers controlled and operated by the defendants and their co-conspirators.

The re-routing was in two forms, described as ‘Click Hijacking’ and ‘Advertising Replacement Fraud’ and are described in detail in the release.

The FBI is now encouraging web users to visit a website run by its security partner DCWG, that will quickly run a test to determine whether your computer has been infected and will help you fix the issue if you are affected. Computers that are infected and have not gotten rid of the virus will not be able to connect to the internet after July 9, 2012.

Check your computers at The DNS Changer Working Group [DCWG] for the changer virus.

h/t: huffpost tech



  1. Yure Mumsz says:

    i am online a good bit of every day. if this is such a huge deal, why am i just hearing about this on the last possible day? kida seems more about getting people offline than solving a problem, though i cant imagine why.

    • disaster says:

      we posted this story back in April, it’s been in the news for a while..but you’re right there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this!

  2. Sqwid says:

    I agree with Mello; whether they realize it or not the FBI is sending up a red flag of their own- it sounds exactly like the phishing scams people get in their email junk folders. Also, with as many of these dns changer/redirector viruses that I’ve personally come across and resolved easily, I see this move as a batcrap crazy overreaction. A run-of-the-mill virus found its way to their servers and machines so their response is to “rage quit” Internet access?

  3. Mello says:

    This stinks to high heaven. First off there are many companies that write anti virus software. It works like this. I buy, for instance, Norton Anti virus and subscribe for one year. Over that year, as Norton becomes aware of various computer viruses, they write small bits of software that will detect and remove the virus. When I log on, the patch is automatically downloaded to my computer and viola, it’s protected. So WTF is going on with the FBI requiring Americans to go to THEIR website to get the fix?! If they know what the virus is all they have to do is transmit that information to companies like Norton who will write anti-virus software against it and when I turn my computer on it’s fixed.

    I try not to be paranoid about things but this is highly suspicious. Just going to their site gives them your IP address. Who knows maybe they have a program that will identify who you are and then tie multiple databases together permitting them, at a glace, to know the sites you go to, the purchases you make, the blogs you write and opinions you express. I DO NOT TRUST THE FBI. This is very wrong on many levels.

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