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Radiohead Classics Get The 8-bit Treatment — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Radiohead Classics Get The 8-bit Treatment

Did you ever wonder what it would sound like to hear some of of Radiohead’s classic albums in 8-bit? Yeah, us neither. But luckily, one really dedicated fan under the moniker of QuintonSung has recreated Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer‘ [1997] and ‘Kid A‘ [2000] in chip tune style for the world to hear.

Here are both albums back to back.

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Radiohead – OK Computer [8-bit]

00:00 – Airbag
04:36 – Paranoid Android
10:49 – Subterranean Homesick Alien
15:10 – Exit Music [for a Film]
19:46 – Let Down
24:28 – Karma Police
28:50 – Fitter Happier [Yes, this was a joke]
30:49 – Electioneering
34:42 – Climbing up the Walls
38:40 – No Surprises
42:33 – Lucky
46:56 – The Tourist

Radiohead – Kid A [8-bit]

00:00 – Everything in its Right Place
04:15 – Kid A
08:44 – The National Anthem
14:20 – How to Disappear Completely
20:06 – Treefingers
23:27 – Optimistic
28:06 – In Limbo
31:10 – Idioteque
36:25 – Morning Bell
41:18 – Motion Picture Soundtrack



  1. At Risk Teen says:

    I just discovered your site after being outraged at the appalling puniness of the wikipedia entry about The Bomb Squad. There are longer entries about f*cking Larry The Cable Guy movies. It is absolute sacrilege that the most important producers of my lifetime (and a primary influence on my own band, At Risk Teen) are so woefully underrepresented on such an important info source for so many. How can I help remedy this? I’m a writer & would gladly dedicate the time & energy to create something befitting your legacy. Thanks for the incalculable influence you’ve had in making music a religion for me, a journey I trace back to the day I bought the “Fight the Power” cassingle in that first week it came out.
    Your humble fan,
    Blue (aka At Risk Teen)

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