This Week’s #freesamplefriday Roundup

Let’s get ready to rumble! Here’s another incredible roundup of #freesamplefriday treats. Check out the PASTO step sequencer and bunch of new dark, noisy and atmospheric loops and samples.

PASTO: a 32 step sequencer suite built in Ableton, TouchOSC & OSCulator by Abel Flaubert

Tons of Sound Kits & Loops From Ambitious Beats

Kx-Modulad: analog modular synthesizer with stereo SF2 player & an additive synthesis WaveTracer

FX Revolution: 25 Samples of dark cineastic atmospheres/noises/sweeps +More from Resonance Sound

50 Samples From The Official BOMB SQUAD: Tactical Beats & Sample Artillery Pack
Currently on sale – get a 20% discount @ Loopmasters through May 31, 2012.

Till next week- Follow us on twitter for more future frequency news bits and beats!
photo: HubaSilica


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