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We Come In Contact With 500 Chemicals A Day & This Is How They Change Us – A Must Read — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

We Come In Contact With 500 Chemicals A Day & This Is How They Change Us – A Must Read

Did you know that on average we come into contact with more than 500 chemicals and toxic substances every day? The plastics your food is stored and heated in, the receipts you are given after purchases, cosmetics, clothing, canned foods, pesticides and herbicides sprayed in the environment and in the food we eat.

These chemicals are affecting our population in ways that too many people are ignoring. You may be familiar with the growing trend of products and foods being labeled ‘BPA free’ or ‘organic’ and there are some very important reasons for this. This must read article by Nicholas D. Kristof of the New York Times highlights this very subject and how scientists, researchers, doctors and everyday people are waking up to the facts.

Scientists are observing with increasing alarm that some very common hormone-mimicking chemicals can have grotesque effects.

A widely used herbicide acts as a female hormone and feminizes male animals in the wild. Thus male frogs can have female organs, and some male fish actually produce eggs. In a Florida lake contaminated by these chemicals, male alligators have tiny penises.

These days there is also growing evidence linking this class of chemicals to problems in humans. These include breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital deformities, early menstruation and even diabetes and obesity.

Read the rest at the NY Times and for more on this check out our previous post, Picking Your Poison: How Everyday Chemicals Are Affecting Us.

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