London 2012 & The Socialympics: Some Social Media Facts & Where You Can Follow The Games

With less that a day before the opening ceremony, it’s safe to say that the 2012 Olympics in London are here and thanks to social media, the event now has an added layer of interactivity from it’s fans.

The ‘Socialympics’ however, require little physical skill. What counts here, is how well the competitors connect to fans, examining what exactly drives fans to interact with the event and in which ways people are using social media to do so. This infographic below gives some insight on how individuals are using social media to enhance their Olympics experience whether hanging out in London or sitting in front of the screen.

Some facts at a glance:
-BBC is expecting 1 Terabit per second of traffic
-Most popular Olympic athlete – LeBron James – 4.7 million followers
-Roger Federer is ranked third as the more popular athlete at 5.7 million followers.

Throughout the event stay up with Olympic news at places such as:
The International Olympic Committee’s social site The Olympic Athletes’ Hub,
Check out photos at The London 2012 Flickr Group
U.S. coverage such as videos, schedules & results NBC Network
London 2012 editorial news coverage from Yahoo Sports
Twitter & NBC Will be teaming up for coverage to be announced on the Twitter Blog
The Olympic Games page at Facebook
UK coverage at the Telegraph and BBC Sport
Network news coverage from ESPN
Follow what’s trending online at Storify

Who will you be rooting for? Can you guess which is the most popular Olympic sport based on followers? You’ll be surprised…

h/t: ExactTarget


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