Pure Filth Sound: Crucial Beats & Bass Mix + New Album Announcement

A familiar face around the LA bass scene, Sam XL has been pushing electronic dance music in all forms throughout Southern California, always underground, always independent and always cutting edge beats.

As the owner of former L.A record stores Beatnonstop and Temple of Boom, he’s had incredible access to a massive catalog of music spanning genres and artists from all across the globe. Sam has released material under monikers such as Coastal Commission, Crime Scene Unit, Troubled Minds, XXXL and Smut and he’s collaborated on projects with artists such as Breakage, Technical Itch, DZ and CPEN putting out releases on labels like Pacific Coast House, Beatnonstop, Seductive, Crimescene and Pacific House Brand.

Circa 2007, Sam XL started ‘Pure Filth’ as an underground club and soundsystem in a downtown Los Angeles basement. Credited as being the first weekly dubstep club in America, the nights quickly grew larger and larger and the Pure Filth rig started also providing the sound for fledgling club nights such as Low End Theory and Smog.

The quest to produce original music to accompany the mighty speaker rig followed, and after a chance meeting at one of the events where Sam was playing on the Pure Filth soundsystem at the Airliner club, he met fellow Brit and L.A. based ex-pat, David Harrow and the two soon teamed up. Their musical collaboration will now make its debut with the forthcoming Pure Filth Sound album, ‘Bass Moves Space‘ featuring Kemst, Busdriver, Jakes, RYAT, Crazy D, Mestizo and Nocando available via Workhouse Digital on September 23, 2012.

For a taste of this exciting bass fueled LP, take a listen to Sam XL’s Crucial Beats & Bass Mix part 1 and stay tuned to Pure Filth Sound for more info on future releases and remixes from this promising new project straight from the left coast.

Crucial Beats & Bass Mix Pt. 1 Mix T/L:
- Pathfinder feat. RYAT [Gunshae remix]
- Deep Meditation feat. RYAT [Kumo Remix]
- Time Trips feat. RYAT & Kemst [Gaudi Remix]
- Everything you Need feat. Nocando [Last Skeptik Accapella]
- Everything you Need feat. Nocando [Last Skeptik Remix]
- Time Trips feat. RYAT & Kemst [Original]
- Time Trips feat. RYAT & Kemst [DLX Remix]
- Ignite feat. RYAT [MRK 1 Remix]
- Rhythm Killer feat. Jakes [Thavius Beck Remix]
- Nails in the Coffin feat. Busdriver [Oicho Remix]
- Nails in the Coffin feat. Busdriver [Mothership Collective Remix]
- Nails in the Coffin feat. Busdriver [Echo Park Remix]
- Nails in the Coffin feat. Busdriver [6Blocc Remix]
- Rhythm Killer feat. Jakes [Audiak Remix]
- Turn up the Fire feat. Mestizo [Mesck Remix]

Bass Moves Space LP T/L:
01. Pure Filth Sound 4:48

02. Deep Meditation 5:57

03. Ignite 6:24

04. Everything You Need 4:13
05. Timetrips 5:20
06. Rhythm Killer 4:49

07. Nails in the Coffin 5:23

08. Bass Moves Space 4:23

09. Pathfinder 5:14

10. Queen of the Forrest 4:05
11. Occupy Your Mind 4:56

12. Turn Up the Fire 3:43

13. Speaker Shake 3:44

14. LAX to LDN 4:30

The single ‘Nails in the Coffin’ feat. Busdriver w/ remixes from 6 Blocc, Echo Park, and Mothership Collective is available now via Juno.


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