The Future Sounds Of Folk: Electronic Music From Indonesia, Singapore and The Netherlands

The Future Sounds Of Folk is a collaborative project between Steim and The Unifiedfield of electronic music from Indonesia, Singapore and The Netherlands. Watch this live post-folk performance by the trio consisting of Bambu Wukir, Iman Rohman and One Man Nation that took place at the State-X New Forms at the TodaysArt Festival in December of 2011.

The Future Sounds of Folk attempts to ‘use the diverse musical traditions of Indonesia as a starting point for the development of new and emerging amalgams of experimental/contemporary music.’ The result is refreshing piece of eclectic sounding, post-free jazz, post-ethnic funk that you want to hear more of.

TodaysArt, is an incredibly cool and adventurous arts festival that happens every year in the city of The Hague in The Netherlands. So cool in fact, Shocklee took part in the festival in 2009. If you can easily get to the city of The Hague next week, do yourself a favor and get your pass to attend their 2-day event September 21st-22nd.


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