Autographer: The World’s First Intelligent Wearable Camera Wants To Capture Your Memories

This one here has the potential to be one of the most interesting products of the year. The Autographer is being hyped up as the world’s first intelligent, wearable camera.

Autographer can capture thousands of high resolution photos every day through its custom designed wide-angle lens, while an Autographer stop-frame video lets you see a whole day’s activity in a few minutes. With five on-board sensors and GPS capability, Autographer identifies when to take a photo based on subtle changes in light, color, motion, direction and temperature.

The idea behind this is pretty cool, Autographer will spontaneously capture moments while you, the wearer goes about their daily life. You can then review your photographic moments and happily relive or cringe at your captured memories.

Based upon the same Microsoft ‘SenseCam’ technology which is targeted at the medical research market, Autographer is a device with some exciting potential for creative applications. This will lead to some innovative video art and some surveillance and privacy issues no doubt, just imagine being around someone who has one of these randomly documenting while you are together. It will get interesting to see these in use and they are just one of many consumer products that will further blur the already thinning line of privacy vs. publicness.

Autographer will be initially available to purchase online in the UK starting in November, priced at £399 and we will be keeping an eye out for it.


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