#FutureFrequency News Highlights From Around The Web

They say truth is stranger than fiction and if you take a look at these recent developments happening around the world you’ll agree.

Check out these fascinating headlines.

Self-driving cars a reality for ‘ordinary people’ within 5 years, says Google’s Sergey Brin

Worm mind control Achieved…Humans Next?

The Post-Apocalyptic Tech Scene: What happens when only the rich have a place in the world?

Researchers using AI to build robotic bees

A dangerous new world of drones

DARPA’s new ‘Brain-Computer Interface’ makes you a pattern recognition machine

3-D Printer Company Seizes Machine From Desktop Gunsmith

Would You Recognize Yourself With A Completely Symmetrical Face?

Big Brother on a budget: How Internet surveillance got so cheap

Is the 3D printing industry about to start turning out lawsuits?

Researchers unveil ultra-thin electronics that dissolve in body

Playing Violent Video Games Makes You Feel Less Pain

The ‘age of the machine’ is drowning out natural sound, Bernie Krause warns

What If Space Was the Next Frontier for War?

Internet addiction will soon be classified as mental illness

Drones Could Help Conserve Endangered Wildlife

Researchers using AI to build robotic bees

A dangerous new world of drones

The Next Generation Of Drones Will Decide For Themselves Whom To Kill

Photos go behind the scenes of the world’s cryonics facilities

The Extremely Personal Computer: The Digital Future of Mental Health

Physicists say there may be a way to prove that we live in a computer simulation

Pentagon’s Plans For 3-D Printers: Mobile Labs, Bomb Sniffers and Prototype Limbs

Apple Wants To Use Your Fingerprints to Unlock Your iPhone

photo: Truthout.org


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