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Misophonia: The Hatred Of Sound – A Mysterious Condition — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Misophonia: The Hatred Of Sound – A Mysterious Condition

Misophonia is a condition described as the hatred of or hypersensitivity to sound, mainly ordinary background sounds most of us don’t even notice such as lip smacking, chewing, sneezing or typing.

Listen to this segment from Bay Area public radio station KALW 91.7FM as they explain what triggers this condition. They talk with a young woman named Diana who has Misophonia as well as a doctor from the Oregon Tinnitus and Hyper-acoustic clinic who specializes in this rare disorder. How someone who has Misophonia reacts to music is not really discussed but it would be interesting to find out more about what triggers this in certain people and how music can perhaps play a role in it.

Misophonia – literally the hatred of sound – can be defined as a hypersensitivity to background sounds or visual stimuli that are generally ignored by other people. More importantly than the individuals inability to block out the offending stimuli or “trigger” is the acute negative emotional response experienced as a direct result of being in contact with a trigger.

The response has been described as a reflexive emotional flood of rage and panic with a storm of fight-or-flight reactions becoming paramount. Adrenaline flooding, face flushing, heart-pounding and/or shaking and the need to physically flee or attack are often experienced.

photo: Rosa Menkman



  1. Farah Joan says:

    This was great and insightful. I’d love to read more about the impact music has on this!

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