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Real Scenes: Paris Shows Music Challenges Also Seen In NYC & Other Big Cities — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Real Scenes: Paris Shows Music Challenges Also Seen In NYC & Other Big Cities

Resident Advisor sits down with some local music makers, DJ’s, label owners and promoters in Paris to discuss how they are working together to revitalize and develop the nightlife and music community. Facing many of the same challenges that other big cities encounter, it’s clear to see, that the battle between the creative and non-creative ways of presenting and experiencing music and culture are a worldwide struggle.

Props to RA for this great short documentary.

A few years ago The New York Times and Le Monde were declaring the death of clubbing in Paris. It was a dark moment for a city that has at times stood alongside London, New York and Berlin as one of the capitals of electronic music. With names like Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk and Justice leading the way, Paris has seemingly always been a flashpoint for a unique spin on house and techno.

At the exact moment those articles were being written, however, things were beginning to change. Promoters like Sundae and Concrete experimented with throwing their parties on Sunday, taking advantage of a spot in the city where they don’t have to worry about noise restrictions. Die Nacht, meanwhile, has devoted itself to finding unlikely spaces for their events. What’s more, partygoers are now finally traveling to the suburbs, beyond the Paris Périphérique—the road that encircles the city—in search of a good time. It’s a shift in attitude that has made Paris fun again, and it’s why we went there earlier this year to film the latest edition in our Real Scenes series.


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