Join Us For A Celebration Of Internet Freedom On January 15, 2013

One year ago, a digital sleeping giant suddenly awoke. Millions of Americans called, emailed, and wrote their members in Congress in defense of Internet Freedom. The ground had shifted, and Washington would never be the same. To mark the anniversary of this great moment, The Celebration of Internet Freedom will take place on January 15th at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

The event will start with the premiere of ‘Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy’, a film documenting a bus trip by Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and other internet entrepreneurs. This documentary features interviews with startup founders across the Midwest, and shows how the open internet is driving jobs and innovation throughout America.

Immediately following the premiere will be a panel comprised of top policymakers and a number of the entrepreneurs featured in the video. The panel will discuss how Congress can ensure the internet continues to function as an engine of social and economic progress. The celebration will conclude with a reception at The Source by Wolfgang Puck, located immediately adjacent to the Newseum.

Being that this is the year of Community, we’re proud to sponsor this event. If you are member of the press, a policymaker or leader from the technology community and are in DC during this time, please submit your RSVP.

For a preview of the documentary ‘Silicon Prairie: America’s New Internet Economy’, check out the trailer below.



  1. Michael Cannon says:

    can anyone attend as long as we RSVP? Thanks.

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