Meet A 14 Year Old Prodigy Programmer Who Has Created 15 Apps

Santiago Gonzalez is a 14-year old developer in Littleton, Colorado who is fluent in a over a dozen programming languages and has created 15 apps to date. He entered college at age 13 and is expected to graduate with a computer science and electrical engineering degree by age 16 and will get his masters degree at 17.

In this short video by Thnkr, Santiago, his parents and teachers describe the inspiring journey, the challenges of being an exceptionally gifted youngster and their outlook on his future.



  1. just a nerd says:

    He may be a prodigy, a nerd, but he will never be happy. That’s a fact, nerds are not happy, and deep inside they know that’s the true. They all would prefer being a normal, regular human being and be happy instead of being what they’ve decided to become. Unhappy nerds.

    • Steven Chartis says:

      Honestly, you sound a little bit jelly of him, just saying. And you’re statement “and be happy instead of being what they’ve decided to become” is very ignorant. 1) Not all nerds choose to be nerds. They are born that way. Way smarter than you or I could ever imagine being. 2) Most nerds are bored and unhappy with “normal” lives. Many, many years ago human beings were unhappy being super strong, tough, but stupid regular ol’ monkeys. So we became homo sapiens.

      And just a fun fact: prodigies contribute more to society than you most likely ever will. We need them and likewise we need nerds.

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