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Meet A 14 Year Old Prodigy Programmer Who Has Created 15 Apps — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Meet A 14 Year Old Prodigy Programmer Who Has Created 15 Apps

Santiago Gonzalez is a 14-year old developer in Littleton, Colorado who is fluent in a over a dozen programming languages and has created 15 apps to date. He entered college at age 13 and is expected to graduate with a computer science and electrical engineering degree by age 16 and will get his masters degree at 17.

In this short video by Thnkr, Santiago, his parents and teachers describe the inspiring journey, the challenges of being an exceptionally gifted youngster and their outlook on his future.



  1. Viki Goff says:

    I think this young man’s parents are amazing! I didn’t have this environment growing up and ended up disliking school, not learning, just feeling bored and unable to ‘fit in’. I had a bad home life and moved to a new school almost every other year it seemed – always the new kid. Somehow in college, the light bulb when I wrote my first Fortran program. It was like a door opened and here was something that was truly challenging and creative. I got my degree in 1986 and since then, I have enjoyed every moment of my long career in software engineering. I am very sensitive to young people who were where I once was, I know what it’s like not to ‘fit in’ but there is a place for everyone to contribute their talents and be who they are. I see so many young people adrift in the world and talent wasted…it may be the culture, schools, the teachers and parents not providing encouragement and guidance.

  2. Dutch Glass says:

    Everyone has special gifting’s. Education and society tends to push everyone to conform to a model of what is supposed to be normal. There is nothing more normal and satisfying than being yourself if you have the opportunity. You might be an amazing artist or engineer in the making, but if you are hungry you could end up packing boxes to earn for survival. Some so called normal things may not interest you. Your gifts may be accompanied by areas of less importance and interest to you. Some common social behaviour may not appeal to you. Being forced to conform can cause unhappiness, frustration and rebellion. Sadly many in the process of being educated into conformity or lacking opportunity never discover their gifts and talents

    People with certain gifts have the ability to ‘see’ in visions and dreams or just by imagination. They can visualise code, music, maths, engineering, chemistry, architecture, scenes, plays in their mind and reproduce them. Others have strong memories and can absorb mountains of information, amazing details and complex sequences. You are in possession of a peice of the puzzle to a better future for our world and it needs to be added in the right place for the picture to be completed. If you have been waylaid in some way please find you and your gifts and contribute to help us all.

    A danger to be careful of is being abused either for being different of because someone else wants to control you for their benefit. Creative people can not always perform on demand and can be pressured to perform until they are damaged. You need to live your life within your passions while caring for your self. There are many examples of gifted people contributing much to our world and its people but who were cut short or robbed of the pleasure by greed and abuse.

    Another danger to be careful of being abused either for being different or because someone else wants to control you for their benefit.

    I hope yo discover your special talents and gifts, develop them and use them to improve the quality of life on earth. I hope you experiance amazing joy, achievement and fulfilment of your lifes purpose and are cautious to manage all this with care for yourself and others.

    Kind regards Dutch Glass

  3. just a nerd says:

    He may be a prodigy, a nerd, but he will never be happy. That’s a fact, nerds are not happy, and deep inside they know that’s the true. They all would prefer being a normal, regular human being and be happy instead of being what they’ve decided to become. Unhappy nerds.

    • Steven Chartis says:

      Honestly, you sound a little bit jelly of him, just saying. And you’re statement “and be happy instead of being what they’ve decided to become” is very ignorant. 1) Not all nerds choose to be nerds. They are born that way. Way smarter than you or I could ever imagine being. 2) Most nerds are bored and unhappy with “normal” lives. Many, many years ago human beings were unhappy being super strong, tough, but stupid regular ol’ monkeys. So we became homo sapiens.

      And just a fun fact: prodigies contribute more to society than you most likely ever will. We need them and likewise we need nerds.

    • WishIwereAnerd says:

      You should not talk in that way! Every human being is different than others! Leave him in his own World! You don’t need to worry about his happiness!

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