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Next Big Sound’s State Of Online Music 2012 Report — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Next Big Sound’s State Of Online Music 2012 Report

Music data and analytics company Next Big Sound measures music consumption habits, artist data such as sales and social media metrics to help artists navigate through the music industry. Today, they have released a new report which analyzes the state of the industry and of the trends of the past year. For instance, fan activity on Soundcloud tripled in 2012, making it the fastest growing social service for music.

The aim of this report has been to been to break down the overwhelming quantities of data gathered about online music consumption in 2012, and extract valuable insights around how social the industry has become.

Artists tracked and measured by Next Big Sound added close to 100 billion new plays and more than 5 billion new fans last year. This staggering amount of data underlines the fact that online activity is key to understanding the music industry at large. The percentage increases over 2011 demonstrate that people are sharing, discovering, and listening to more music online than ever before. This state of the online industry report goes beyond the traditional metrics and addresses what has become an increasingly important aspect of the business of music.

Visit Next Big Sound to access the full report.


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