The Blue Ice Project: Listen To A Record Made Of Ice

The Shout Out Louds is a band out of Stockholm, Sweden who has created a very COOL limited edition promo item for their forthcoming album…literally. A kit consisting of distilled water and a custom silicone mold they designed with Stockholm ad agency TBWA to create a 7-inch playable ice record of their single ‘Blue Ice’.

According to the band: ‘The mold is made out of two pieces. One negative 7″ vinyl cut made by a record plant in Germany from the original audio master and one silicon cap, the sole purpose of which is to hold the water still while freezing.’

Watch the video below for the lo-fi result, followed by the official music video. The band’s new album ‘Optica’ is due out February 26, 2013 on Merge Records. You can get a free download of the ‘real’ version at the Shout Out Louds Facebook page.


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