This Is What It Sounds Like In Space: Sounds From The International Space Station

If you ever wondered what it sounds like in space, you can now listen to some clips recorded by Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield while aboard the International Space Station [ISS]. The recordings are of various station noises and sounds from the US lab on the ISS, what it sounds like as they live and conduct the work of their scientific mission or as Commander Hadfield states ‘what normal life sounds like in space.’

The ISS which has been occupied by humans since NASA’s first expedition in October 2000 is about the size of a football field. It weighs 861,804 pounds and is a complex with more livable room than a conventional five-bedroom house and has two bathrooms, a gymnasium and a 360-degree bay window. They are currently on Expedition number 34 and have a crew on 6 on board.

photo: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center



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