Be An Artist, Right now!…Just Do It

Some inspiring advice for the creator in all of us! Filmed at TEDxSeoul, Korean writer Young-ha Kim makes a case for how our society is filled with ‘oppressors of art’ who are responsible for the artistic impulses inside of us being suppressed, killed off at some point while we are growing up, but how this artistic side in us is not gone.

Make no mistake here, he is not urging people to abandon what they are currently doing or are good at but rather, it is a reminder that we should all unleash our inner child and find a creative outlet. In the case of professional or aspiring artists, his advice is especially insightful and confirms a lot of what we all go through on a daily basis.

The talk moves fast so you may have to pause it a few times to catch the subtitles but, it is an inspiring presentation worth checking out.

Just do it.


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