Google Glass: The Next Best Game Changer Since iTunes?

Google has released a new video showcasing their forthcoming Goggle Glass, smart eyewear that you might soon be using for some of the tasks your phone is currently handling. Whether taking pictures, video, texting, checking your calendar, email and getting map directions all via voice commands and at a glance, literally. Although hard to believe, Google claims that all the footage in the video below was captured through Glass.

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on a pair, Google is taking applications through February 27th to become a ‘Glass Explorer’ and be one of the first to purchase them for $1,500. If you’re deemed worthy enough, you’ll soon be walking around in your very own surveillance specs.

With a reported Apple smartwatch made of flexible glass also rumored to be in the works, these hands free devices are the next wave. Google glass might soon be replacing your beloved iPhone and become a serious game changer with the potential to shift our culture if they get in enough hands and with Goggle retail stores in the works, that may be part of the plan. Imagine a society where many can easily and discreetly record their everyday interactions, expect some cool art projects and creative economies to flourish off of this for sure.

Exciting? Yes. Creepy? Yes. This is the future and definitely something to keep your eye on…sorry, pun intended.


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