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The Money Alternative Experiment: Bitcoin Explained — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

The Money Alternative Experiment: Bitcoin Explained

shockleewebpic_bitcoinexplainedBitcoin, the decentralized electronic cash system that has been gaining popularity is still a bit of a mystery for most. With only 21 million worth created in total and a P2P network that is used to generate and exchange currency, more and more places are starting accept it but this new system is still volatile and very vulnerable to hacking, including some events that happened just this week.

If you’re trying to follow the Bitcoin trend in case it winds up becoming an established means of exchange, this short video by Duncan Elms explains the basics.



  1. Kayaone says:

    This premise is interesting. The idea of a non-centralized currency that is digital in nature certainly sounds promising. The only question I can ask is what would happen in the event of a centralized Emp strike or something else of major impact were to happen. How can this model be used for real world assets and not just digital ones, and what is to stop the major money consortium from co-opting this idea for integration into their own “modern money mechanics”, as well as how does one “mine” for bit coins….

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