Creating A Gray Zone: Challenges For Media Producers In The Digital World

shockleewebpic_creategrayzoneElliot Harmon, the Communications Manager at Creative Commons gives a bit of insight into the copyright landscape of creative works in this video by Swissnex San Francisco. When it comes to intellectual property, there is a big gap that lies between the classification of works that are assigned as either public domain or all rights reserved. In the middle of these, exists ‘the gray zone’ where remix, sample culture, creative commons, fair use and new innovative ways to explore, share and exploit creative works lives.

The challenges of monetization and openness continue to face all producers of creative works so let this serve as a refresher for those who need reminding that this is a time for getting ultra creative and experimenting with new ways of doing things and building sustainable careers.

The gray zone is your friend. Make it happen.

photo: suttonhoo


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