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DJ’s + Well-Being = The Evolution Of Conscious Clubbing — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

DJ’s + Well-Being = The Evolution Of Conscious Clubbing

shockleewebpic_morninggloryMorning Glory is an AM dance party in London started by event producer Samantha Moyo and bodywork therapist Nico Thoemmes whose motto ‘Rave your way into the day’ is catching on in London. The concept? Leave the traditional gym behind and get your morning workout by dancing in a club with DJ’s and array of smoothies, massage and coffee bar.

Combining well-being and clubbing, the event is also an opportunity for those who would like to go out and hear DJ’s but rather not take part in late night hangs and an environment of alcohol and/or drugs.

Let’s hope this unique idea takes hold in more cities soon.

photo: alice peperell



  1. Markie Gee says:

    Have been talking about this for a week or so; I am praying for the dance music loving public in USA to grow up and embrace this kind of this. Clubs are too full of bottle service histrionics and selfish behaviour. Let’s bring real love back to the dancefloor!!!

    • DJ Nova Jade says:

      Markie Gee!


      I was searching “intentional DJ” and “conscious DJ” and this page came up. WOOHOO!

      I’ve been DJing around the world and broadcasting to the world since 2003, but I’ve been a part of the rave/dance culture since 1997. I currently reside in the USA.

      At present, I am re-branding and up early to work on honing more of my compelling story… the how/why I decided to not just be DJ, but one who helps people remix their lives to make healthier choices and create time and money freedom as a result.

      Looking back, I just WOKE up to the fact that the first gigs I applied to, I booked: A fitness center in Hollywood, CA (now defunct), called Groove Fitness and the other was DJing for a women’s music festival called Serafemme, that ended up spanning 4 years in West Hollywood, CA (and that as part of it, I became an “award-winning DJ”.)

      Sure, I’ve DJd at clubs and such, but where I’m going is more aligned with places such as Morning Glory.
      Happy to see this place exist. I hope to DJ at Morning Glory one day! (and someone I met yesterday told me, “Maybe you’ll start a trend [ of intentional/conscious DJs ]).

      One ripple raises the sea…

      To health and happiness,

      ~Nova Jade*

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