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People Shouldn’t Go To Prison For Sharing A Video – Stop SOPA – TAKE ACTION! — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

People Shouldn’t Go To Prison For Sharing A Video – Stop SOPA – TAKE ACTION!

shockleewebpic_sopaisbackFight for the Future and the Center for Rights are campaigning to get everyone involved to stop the censorship-driven, business-crushing, unnecessarily-criminalizing, horrible-for-web-users-everywhere, SOPA [Stop Onlince Piracy Act] from coming back to life. This affects everyone who uses the internet, so yes this means you too. Get the word out to your friends and help stop SOPA it before it spreads.

One of the stupidest parts of SOPA is back.

In 2012, millions of Americans took a stand against internet censorship by saying “NO” to SOPA. But now The Commerce Department’s Internet Policy Task Force is at it again: they’re proposing to make it a felony to stream copyrighted content.

When SOPA was first introduced, it included a section that sought to make streaming copyrighted content a felony. But here’s the thing: companies tend to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to copyright! The section was so poorly defined that uploading a YouTube video with a song playing from a TV in the background could be grounds for felony prosecution!

Tell Obama: “No SOPA-style censorship. Ever.”

Sign the petition at Fight For The Future And in case you need a reminder on why SOPA is a bad idea, check out this must see video where Clay Shirky explains.



  1. Elin Sejderuna says:

    I am a Transformers / Transformers Prime and Ironman 2 (Mickey Rourke as Whiplash) fangirl and roleplayer.
    I enjoy creating art, role play and write fanfiction, and I think this SOPA thing is more than overly ridiculous and tells us a lot about the dictatorship like police state mentality of the United states.
    Where will the line be drawn?
    Will role playing as different fictional characters be grounds for jail or fines?
    What about Costume play? Will anyone who did not purchase or rent a licensed Mickey Mouse suit at a verified Disney costume rental shop be tasered and arrested?
    Will fan tattoos become illegal?
    What about joking? Will jokes about copyrighted fictional people and situations be grounds for fining or detainment?
    Will artists renditions of other peoples works be punishable?
    How about people singing along to their favourite songs?
    Or what about children drawing pictures of Spiderman in school… will they be fined and thrown in Juvie-hall?
    Will watching a DVD at home with friends Friday night become an offense?
    Will selling off videotapes and CD’s at garage sales be illegal?
    And what about writing reviews containing spoilers?

    Seriously, dear lawmakers… SOPA is not just the brainchild of seemingly paranoid politicians who seem to be so in love with the dollar bill that they stopped seeing reason long ago, it is also a horrifying infringement on personal creativity and the expression and growth of art and free speech.
    It is ridiculous, unnecessary and cruel.

    You cannot quench creativity!


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