Did The Decline Of Sampling Cause The Decline Of Political Hip Hop? The Atlantic Interviews Hank Shocklee

shockleewebpic_atlanticdeclineofsamplingfErik Nielson, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Richmond, where his research focuses on African American literature and hip-hop culture, has written a thought-provoking piece on sampling for The Atlantic which Hank Shocklee was interviewed for.

Did the Decline of Sampling Cause the Decline of Political Hip Hop? Legal and financial limitations have put a damper on a musical tool that once served as an important way for rappers to connect with musical and social history.

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  1. D.j. Kuttn Cee says:

    Jus wanna say Peace to Bro. Shocklee. Keep tellin people to Turn off that RADIO. Turn off Dat BULL_____!

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