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Ava DuVernay Says Knock It Off & Make Something — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Ava DuVernay Says Knock It Off & Make Something

shockleewebpic_avaduvernaykeynoteIndependent filmmaker Ava DuVernay, Sundance Award-winning director of the film ‘Middle of Nowhere‘ and of the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. feature drama ‘Selma‘ gave a keynote speech last weekend at the 2013 Film Independent Forum event held in Los Angeles that offers some of the realest advice we’ve heard in a while. All people who aspire to be or are in the creative and startup industries should hear this.

“I rarely meet people who tell me what they’re doing. I often meet people who ask, ‘Can you help me?’ or ‘How do I do this?’ or ‘Do you want to have coffee?’ ‘Can I take you to coffee?’ ‘Can we grab a coffee?’ ‘I’d love to take you to coffee and pick your brain a little bit.’ ‘Can I send you a script?’ ‘Can you read my script?’ ‘I have a script that I’d love for you to just check out if you can.’ ‘Can you be my mentor?’ ‘I need a mentor.’ ‘I would love if you could mentor me.’ ‘Is it possible for us to talk?’ All of that energy, all of that focus to extract from other people is distracting you from what you’re doing. All of that is desperation.”

Ava addresses the all too common mindset of people who complain about why they can’t move forward by realistically and bluntly asking people to ‘knock it off’ and focus on the things that they have rather than on the things they think they need or deserve in order to accomplish something. She continued on by explaining, ‘If you channel your desperation towards the things that you have, it’s passion. If you channel desperation towards things that you don’t have it’s desperation, it’s stagnation. It stinks, and people don’t want to be around it.’ …’The barriers to entry have changed and it’s all possible…the biggest weapon you have in this new content revolution is what you wear. Are you wearing this coat of desperation? Are you wearing your passion on your sleeve? Because one is a repellent and one is a magnet. One makes you a shadow of yourself and one enlarges you. One is ‘can you do this for me? Can you help me?’ and one is ‘what can I do and who wants to come along for the ride?’

This inspiring full speech can be viewed below. Big claps to this woman for speaking clearly and laying out some of the most practical advice creative entrepreneurs need to hear. Here’s to the ‘can do’ attitude going viral.


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