Beatboxing Man + Machine: Watch Humanelectro’s Sigma Project

shockleewebpic_humanelectroUsing MIDI gloves paired up with a Leap Motion Controller and armed with a curious tech crew Japanese beatboxer Ryo Fujimoto is using his body to master the new digital arts by becoming a human interface.

Electrical signals radiate from the body of Ryo Fujimoto via the various sensors that are connected to his face, arms, and hands. These sensors track heart rate, muscle movement, and finger positions in real-time. The data is then converted directly into audio and visuals, thereby allowing the expressive unification of man and machine, and the birth of “Σ [SIGMA]“.

In July 2013, Ryo Fujimoto published a live LeapMotion performance onto Youtube, which caught the attention of Eddie Lee. Eddie contacted Ryo, discovered that they shared an interest in audiovisual technology, and decided to collaborate. Takuma Nakata joined the project to direct the performance and to build custom hardware that Ryo Fujimoto would use during the live event.

This video above is a recording of the live event that took place in Tokyo, Japan. And it is the first leap of project “Σ”.


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