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Brain Music: Scientists Turn Seizures Into Sound — Shocklee Entertainment Universe ● The Future Frequency

Brain Music: Scientists Turn Seizures Into Sound

shockleewebpic_brainseizuremusicHit play on this one and listen to the amazingly interesting, eerie and noisy sounds of the human brain having a seizure. It’s part science and part art brought to you by Stanford University and it will hopefully help find some answers that will help those that are afflicted with seizures.

Stanford professors Chris Chafe and Josef Parvizi have transformed brain activity from seizure patients into music. This composition details the three main phases of a seizure. Calmness turns into chaos during the actual seizure, before trailing off into a recovery phase. The work could lead to a powerful biofeedback tool for identifying brain patterns associated with seizures.

Parvizi, an associate professor, specializes in treating patients suffering from intractable seizures. To locate the source of a seizure, he places electrodes in patients’ brains to create electroencephalogram [EEG] recordings of both normal brain activity and a seizure state.

He shared a consenting patient’s EEG data with Chafe, who began setting the electrical spikes of the rapidly firing neurons to music. Chafe used a tone close to a human’s voice, in hopes of giving the listener an empathetic and intuitive understanding of the neural activity.

Note: the video player below is just audio and will have no picture.

photo: ars electronica



  1. Xorxe says:

    sounds like an opera of hyenas.

  2. TakeLessons says:

    Wow, what a powerful experience! Listening to these sounds, while not pleasant, is certainly eye-opening.

  3. julio says:

    So our brains sounds like a disturbing mosquito…

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