An Up Close Look At Microsoft’s Xbox One

shockleewebpic_xboxoneOut this week, Microsoft’s new Xbox One is a gaming system, set-top box, PC, Blu-ray player and universal remote all wrapped into one that comes 8 years after its predecessor, the Xbox 360.

With voice command and gestural recognition via Kinect which comes with every console, the Xbox One is attempting to be your one go-to piece of hardware for all your entertainment needs. And as far as the new controller you ask? well…

Microsoft spent $100 million developing a new controller for the Xbox One and ended up with something almost exactly like the gamepad that came with the Xbox 360 eight years ago.

In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

How does it stack up to the the PS4? Check out this first look below and review from The Verge.


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